Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Favorite Senior Session: Kristin and her horse Vannity

Kristin's mom called about a High School Senior session for her daughter.  While we were discussing the theme for the session I found out that Kristin was a horse owner.  I, of course, suggested we expand the session beyond mere portraits to some storytelling.   This was not going to be a girly, go to the beauty parlor, prom queen gown, session.  Kristin wanted the natural, Idaho cow-girl look.  I was jazzed!  When I found out that her horse, Vannity, was aging and not well I knew this was going to be an important session for their family history on multiple levels.

Here are a few images from the session with some techie information...

At the closed end of their barn we opened the large barn door to create this great directional light provided by the sunless open sky. This is basically like window light--it's just a very large window.

The other end of the barn was covered, but, open on the sides and they had stacked hundreds of hay bales in a stair-stepped pattern.  Again, great directional, sun free, natural light with a great place for Kristin to sit.

We went outside to use the late light.  It was about an hour before sunset by now--and because of the horse's condition we had to do some portraits of just her.

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Author:  Jerry W. Venz, Certified PPA Master Photographer

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